The dedicated professionals at State Supply know that ”it don’t flow uphill”. We have sump, sewage, effluent and grinder pumps, pump control panels and timers and alarms. Our yard and warehouse is stocked with the pipe, fittings, D-boxes and diffuser chambers to get it where it needs to go. We also have additives, liquid and dry products that clean, unclog, and maintain your septic system. The right combination of parts, additive products, and maintenance will keep your system running smoothly, prevent damage or backups, and give you clean and energy efficient plumbing.

We offer pumps and pump systems by LIBERTY PUMPS, ASHLAND and MEYERS PUMPS. Pump controls and alarms by SJE RHOMBUS; Risers and Safety Lids by TUF-TITE; waste and storm water management chambers and diffusers by INFILTRATOR SYSTEMS, PRESBY ENVIRONMENTAL, and ADVANCED DRAINAGE SYSTEMS.

We work with engineers and septic designers to provide the installer with quality products at an economical price.